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Engine Parts Cleaner


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Engine Parts Cleaner

Oil Lift Engine & Parts Cleaner delivers industrial strength cleaning results without toxic side effects utilizing a low foam formula that’s easy on parts washing pumps. Its, anti-corrosion formula is gentle on the equipment and protects your investment while the water based formula protects the end user. Liquid cleaner formulated to be safe and highly effective on a variety of engine parts, brakes, rims and chrome. Oil Lift’s breakthrough technology easily punches through grease and grime without toxic chemicals which protects users from the debilitating effects of toxic cleaners and solvents. It cleans engines without harming hoses. Use for cleaning and degreasing vehicle engines, heavy machinery and multiple automotive components. Also used for aircraft engine washing, degreasing, detailing and parts washing.

  • Punches through tough grease and grime without toxic chemicals
  • Cleans engines, parts, brakes, rims & chrome
  • Punches through tough grease and grime without toxic chemicals
  • Concentrated to save you money
  • Available in 948 ml, 20L, 205L, I000L
Brake Cleaner

20L, 948ml, 205L Drum


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