32Oz Waterless Car Wash


Oil Lift’s Waterless Car Wash was developed to deliver a high performance clean and polish for your car without water. The unique bio polymers in our Industrial Strength Eco-Friendly formulation assist in keeping your automobile cleaner longer with a streak free finish. The Waterless Car Wash requires 3 easy steps: spray, rub gently and wipe of!!! Use inside and outside for the effective removal of road grime, brake dust and many other external contaminates. Oil Lift does not use harsh chemicals which can dampen the look and finish of your car. Use Oil Lift’s Waterless Car Wash to quickly clean and shine to restore your car’s natural beauty.

  • Spray cleans, polishes & protects cars inside and out without water
  • Removes brake dust, road grime and many other contaminates
  • Wipes streak free for a high performance finish
  • Use in windshield washer fluid to remove bugs
  • Environmentally friendly and mild smell
  • Keeps your car looking shiny and dust free