Jon Eakes Home & Garden TV

 “It was inevitable that someone would come up with a better idea. It is called Jon-EakesOillift. This non-toxic bio-degradable substance from British Columbia penetrates the oil to lift it up out of the asphalt, brick or concrete and puts it into a water suspension where it will not stain the surface around the stain. Although you should soak up as much as you can, you can actually hose off the work without making more of a mess. Although even this will not completely remove all stains (where was that driveway sealer before you dripped oil on your driveway?) it works as well or better than the traditional cleaners without the side effects of spreading the stain, eating the surface or polluting the environment worse than the oil.” 

The Fred and Gerry Home Improvement Show

 “You’ve heard us talk about Oillift on the radio, maybe seen us with Oillift on TV, alongFred with a trade show. It’s a revolutionary product that no home should be without. Here are just a few of some good cleaning application for Oillift: car, truck and heavy equipment, engine, hub caps and tires, washing vehicles, brakes parts, oily cloths tar on cars, oil on shoes or boots, tool boxes, oil on cement ,oil on asphalt floors ,vehicle windshields, vinyl interiors, plastics, bathroom, kitchens, stoves, barbecues, tile grout, boat bilges, plastic shower stalls, oil on log cabins, soap scum, coffee pots, fiberglass, cleaning thermos,removing grease stains from clothes………. And guess what, it’s an environmentally friendly product that works!” 

Dr.Reese Halter

 “Oillift and the patented oil clean up and recycling process is one of the most remarkable inventions of the 21st century. Drop by drop it is helping to save our oceans by cleaning up oil and eliminating the need for toxic cleaners and solvents.” 

Fin Donnelly Rivershed Society of BC

  Fin Donnelly swimming up the Fraser River “When every home and business in the world adopts a “toxic free “approach to cleaning we will significantly reduce our impact on creeks, rivers, lakes and oceans. Kevin Daum and his team at Environmental Building Science Inc. have invented an amazing line of eco-certified cleaners that everyone should know about and use. The thinking behind these products needs to be replicated throughout the entire business community.” 

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