Cleaner Degreaser


Oil Lift Cleaner Degreaser is an all-purpose formulation for when you need industrial strength cleaning results without the toxic side effects. This multi-use, eco-certified, Cleaner Degreaser provides superior cleaning performance while protecting consumers from the toxic side effects of most cleaners. Its concentrated format is economical to use and its powerful cleaning formula effectively replaces 90% of cleaners in residential and for industrial applications. The Oil Lift Cleaner Degreaser effectively removes oils, grease, lubricants and many other tough stains and soils from every area of a household including the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. Many outside surfaces present no challenge; garage and workshop, siding, gardening equipment and garbage disposal containers. Oil Lift Cleaner Degreaser removes the toughest soils and leaves surfaces sparkling clean.

Exception: spot test before cleaning leather or other items that are not necessarily color fast.

  • Punches through tough grease and grime without toxic chemicals
  • Cleans engines, parts, brakes, rims & chrome
  • Environmentally friendly to protects user’s health
  • Concentrated to save you money
  • Available in 948 ml, 20L, 205L, I000L