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November 20, 2013
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Removable Paint


The producers of the hit TV series Human Target’ approached Peter Murray, the President of Talon, with the need to make one of his helicopters into a tough looking covert operations machine. Talon Helicopters provides specialty Helicopter charters services for the British Columbia film industry. Having done many of these projects, Peter was very familiar with the problems of sacrificial or removable paint systems on helicopters. These include damage to the original paint on the ship, coatings coming off during the shoot, toxic chemicals use to strip the material off and the corresponding high expense. To solve this problem, Save the Oceans Inc. developed a hard polymer coating that provides abrasion and chemical resistance to gas, oil, salt spray and graffiti with a chemical trigger that would cause the coating to release when you want to remove it. The coating in its crystal clear form simply creates an invisible barrier that does not surrender its adhesion like wax which is a major problem in shipping as the waxes contaminate cargo and our oceans. For the Covert Operation Helicopter, the coating, in a satin or low reflection Black finish was thickened and applied using an electric sprayer. Once the film shoot was completed, the chemical trigger or remover of Modified Oil lift was sprayed on and the coating was washed from the surface.

.Available in 20L, 205L, 1 000L

Removable Paint

20L, 948ml


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