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Aviation and Marine Cleaners

A concentrated, Eco-logo certified industrial strength cleaner which may be used to clean any type aircraft that requires a cleaner which meets; Boeing D6-17487 revision P with dilution on painted surfaces of 60 parts water. May also be used to clean work cloths, fuel trucks, parts, hoses, tire marks, ambulances, fire trucks, aircraft maintenance vehicles, baggage trucks, and many other airport related applications. Oil lift is a certified multi purpose environmentally responsible alternative to the current toxic cleaners used in Aviation.

• Eco-logo Certified, Safe for workers, Allows company to meet WCB rule – 5.57

• Concentrated may be diluted up to 120 parts water, depending on degree of contamination.

• Emulsifies grease and dirt • Contains powerful emulsifiers to trap and remove grease and dirt.

• Effective in both hard and soft waters

• Water based, No flash point • Eliminates storage and handling problems

• Aircraft Manufacturer’s Specifications • Conforms to Boeing D6-17487 Revision P with dilution on painted surfaces of 60 parts water.

• Has been tested on aircraft paint • Will not affect painted aircraft surfaces when used as directed.

• Non-crazing of acrylics

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