Case Study 7 - Save the Oceans Inc.

Case Study 7


Oil Lift develops a pollution prevention system for Canadian Tire stores


Every day cars drop their used motor oil at Canadian Tire stores all over the country. To solve the problem, Oil Lift developed a catchment system to keep oil out of lakes, rivers, streams and oceans.


Canadian Tire faced a cleanliness problem in their stores due to motor oil spills from customers cars. Oil Lift was contacted in order to solve the issue by developing a pollution prevention system.

The system consists of a heavy duty lightweight aluminum railing that slides into a ramp system made of an easily removable kick plate and a grate (working models could be locked underneath to prevent from having parts stolen).

Lightweight and ease are of key importance in an environment where cleaning issues often occur, especially when the oil is taken out and dumped over the ground by people stepping up onto the ramp.

The main part of the system is a composite fiber grating. Unlike cheap pads, this one is designed to last for years and, not only is it waterproof, but also chemically resistant to avoid the need to be constantly repainted.

Though, the inside is the core because of the oil absorbent polymer. When in contact with oil, the polymer turns it into rubber.

In case of rain, both the oil and water are absorbed, however the water is being repelled.

Furthermore, the oil absorbent polymer is completely recyclable: once the polymers are full, they are removed and recycled into asphalt to rubberize the roads.


To conclude, three major problems are solved with the oil pollution system built for Canadian Tire stores. First, spills of oil in parking lots disappear. Second, the clean-up problem every dealer faces is solved. Last, it represents an environmentally responsible way to dispose of the used motor oil.

Moreover, another essential benefit of the ramp consists in the saving of the labor involved in cleaning the area, which approximately amounts to half an hour a day of labor. As the business is in operation 365 days a year, the cost of the labor and materials have been significantly reduced.