Case Study 6 - Save the Oceans Inc.

Case Study 6


How Oil Lift products solve oil pollution on plants


Oil spills occur all over the globe, often bringing devastating effects to the aquatic world and land ecosystem. Each and every year enormous quantities of oil are disposed into our environment, either deliberately or accidentally.

The recovery of oil polluted soils and waters is an imperative problem to be solved. An investigation made by Yancina Donald at Trinity Western University has found that Oil Lift products have healed the soil in pot plants.

People are concerned about tankers. However, coming across a product that alleviates or annihilates the negative effects that occur on plants could save the oceans.


The ecology project called “The effects of used engine oil and oil spill treatments on plant growth and germination” was carried out at Trinity Western University.

The goal of the research was to determine the way in which oil affects plant growth and if there is any viable product that could decrease the negative effect of oil on plants.

Four experimental groups of plants were taken as part of the investigation. The first group was the control group, where plants did not contain any oil pollution. The second group was polluted with oil. The third group contained Oil Lift™ oil remover and the fourth one also contained Flubber Dust™ product.8

Plant growth measurement was performed daily and plant parameters, such as the diameter at the base, amount of growing leaves and chlorosis existance were also taken into consideration. Statistical analysis was applied to each group of plants to ensure investigation was conducted at a high grade experimental level.


The investigation resulted in that, indeed, Oil Lift products managed to decrease the negative effects of oils. Oil polluted plants were dying but the non polluted plants and the treated ones grew. Furthermore, the control group was growing at the same rate as the Oil Lift treated plants.