Case Study 5 - Save the Oceans Inc.

Case Study 5


Oil Lift™ Super Absorbent booms are more efficient in oil spills clean-up


Sorbent materials are essential in a response to an oil spill to minimize the chances of oil pollution.

Absorbent Booms, like Oil Lift™ Absorbent booms, are the most cost-effective and highest absorbing, non-release, grease and oil capturing filtration material on the market, especially compared with properties of Adsorbent booms.

The presence of polypropylene and natural fiber materials provides high absorption ratios.

In fact, the study also indicates the incapacity of Adsorbent materials on oil retention: oil is released by just applying light pressure.

That behavior makes Adsorbent booms very costly, taking into account the amount of oil captured, adding labor expenses and seeing costs sky-rocketing, before factoring in the potential pollution fines for discharge.

In this case study, a comparison between the two types of materials used for oil spill clean-up is performed by Oil Lift™ to determine the effectiveness of Absorbents over Adsorbents.


Although Absorbents and Adsorbents booms are filled with hydrophobic materials that repels the water phase, Absorbents also contain oleophilic materials which absorb oil and don’t release it.

The purpose of this test was to examine the oil absorbency in order to observe the behavior of both materials and clarify the differences between their absorption capacity in oil spill remediation.

Both booms were tested in a water tank and motor oil was poured onto their surface to evaluate their oil absorption capacity in a possible oil spill.

Oil Lift™ brand Super Absorbent polymer boom easily and quickly absorbed the oil. 

In addtion, the efficiency of the level of absorption was measured by comparing weights before and after the test. At the beginning of the experiment the absorbent boom weighted about 6 to 6 and a half pounds. At the end the abosrbent boom weighted 40 pounds.


Results have showned that Oil Lift™ Super Absorbent booms are the most effective oil capturing filtration material for cleaning up oil spills with high speed and performance. Oil and water separation and oil collection can be simultaneously achieved with Oil Lift™ Super Absorbent booms in the remediation of oil pollution.