Case Study 4 - Save the Oceans Inc.

Case Study 4


How Oil Lift™ is helping home owners stop oil pollution by cleaning up land based oil spills


Usually people think about big tankers leaking oil or oil platform disasters: they are unaware that oil from drips and drops is the biggest source of water pollution in the world.

Every year the equivalent of over a hundred Exxon Valdez spills disappear into the oceans from the accumulation of small spills.

Through the case study of an hydraulic fluid leak in a residential neighbourhood in Vancouver, British Columbia, Oil Lift pretends to educate and show the importance of cleaning up an oil spill in an effort to protect the environment and save the aquatic world.

Oil Lift offers a wide range of products to clean up oil pollution and biodegrade 99% of the waste oil, helping home or shop owners to clean up oil spills, in a cost-effectively way, by using green cleaners and the proper absorbent materials.


There are three core products that can be used for the purpose of cleaning up an oil spill.

  • Oil Lift™ oil remover, the first industrial cleaner certified by the government’s EcoLogo program. The product penetrates the oil and de-bonds it from the surface to get 99% of the oil in a floating state.
  • Flubber Dust™. The product gets into the pores. It allows to grab and absorb all the oil. Then, the material is collected and heated, the oil molecule splits and it can be reused all over again. That way, the waste stream is ended.
  • Oil Lift™ Super Absorbent Polymer Boom. In case there is a wet situation, this product is really important. When exposed to water and oil, only oil is captured.

All three products combined together allow to quickly, effectively and inexpensively eliminate the result an oil spill. The waste stream is ended as well and the oil is blocked from leaking through our lakes, rivers and streams.

Before applying the cleaner, the super absorbent boom is put just in case rain showers
occur as a way of prevention against the spread of oil.

The Oil Lift™ oil remover is sprayed down on the asphalt surface. Then, it is scrubbed and let sit for half an hour. The Flubber Dust™ product is applied and spread out to coagulate the material and absorb the Oil Lift™ out of the surface. Thus, 99% of the oil is removed.

Later, the Flubber Dust™ is collected and heated under the sun. Therefore the oil molecule is split and Flubber Dust can be reused. Moreover, the pollution waste stream is concluded.

One of the interesting aspects of using Oil Lift™ oil remover when cleaning up oil spills, like the hydraulic fluid leak of this case, is its benefit in plant growth.

An investigation at Trinity Western University has concluded that polluted plants treated with Oil Lift products grew more than unpolluted plants. This amazing opportunity helps remediate roadsides where oil spills are frequent and biology is harmed.


A couple of days after the oil spill clean-up, the water found running down the storm strain was clean and there was no oil stain.

In addition, the grass was recovering from the oil spill.