Welcome to Oil Lift

Our Mission to Save the Aquatic World is an Idea and Business whose time has come. From a great idea twenty years ago, to the creation of the original Oil LiftTM oil remover which was designed to be the ultimate green cleaner. Save the Oceans Inc. has evolved into a line of 21 highly unique cleaners and support products being sold in retail, commercial, construction, hardware, automotive, industrial, aviation and marine markets in various locations around the world. The interesting fact is all the products have so many secondary uses that when people find out what they can clean, they start cleaning all sorts of other things. As a result, new ideas and markets keep coming up. Our Repeat Business Formula 1. Sell people products that work better, 2. Are more concentrated so they save money and 3. Are proven to be ecologically friendly and by default we Save the Oceans. Save the Oceans Inc. is now growing by selling to major retailers in North America with distributor partners in all market segments. Our goal is to establish stocking master distributors, industry specific distributors in all countries by business area and geography. If you would like to join our mission as a reseller, distributor or simply someone who wants better cleaning results, we would love to hear from you. Please e-mail us at info@oillift.net.